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Alexa Lee Tutoring

Empowerment Through Education: Unleash Your Potential with Personalized Private Tutoring

Developing YOUR tool-box for success

Providing a framework for successful lifelong learning

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Personalized Tutoring for YOU

As an individual with a lifelong passion for education, I have always believed in the transformative power of learning. Throughout my journey, I have come to recognize the importance of providing more comprehensive and individualized practices to education outside of the classroom. This approach has enabled me to tailor my tutoring process to the unique needs of each student and their learning style. 

One of my core objectives has been to foster critical thinking skills in students, as I firmly believe that these skills serve as the foundation for personal and professional success. By equipping students with the tools to analyze, evaluate, and problem-solve, I strive to empower them to navigate life's challenges with confidence and curiosity.

I am committed to making a positive impact in the lives of my students, inspiring them to pursue the best path for them. Through my work, I aim to instill a deep appreciation for knowledge and a desire to achieve excellence in all aspects of life.

Critically Think

Critical thinking skills involve the ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information to make informed and reasoned decisions.


Problem-solving is a crucial life skill that empowers individuals to tackle challenges, make effective decisions, and navigate through daily complexities with confidence and efficiency.


Empowering individuals through learning and instilling confidence in education unlocks their potential, fosters personal growth, and opens doors to a world of opportunities.



English composition, literature analysis, grammar, essay drafting and editing. 


English as a second language/foreign language comprehension development (speaking and writing). 


World History*, Early Civilizations, American history (pre and post-Civil War), Industrial history to post-colonial world history, European History Latin American history, post-colonial African history, etc. 

Political Science

American Government, Political Theory, Comparative Politics (government), International Relations, Global Studies, International Development

Public Speaking

Development of speaker presence, incorporation of rhetorical theory, listening, audience analysis, speech construction, language, evidence testing, and visual aids development.


I originally got in touch with Alexa during COVID to help me with my International Politics midterm exam at Westmount College which I was really stressed about. She helped me better understand the concepts I was tested on and helped me create a great study guide! I aced my exam and continued seeing Alexa for my World History course which I aced as well!
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Mary, student at Westmont College, Santa Barbara California
Alexa tutored me in my major courses for International Development at UCLA and helped me understand the course concepts. She also helped me with my English understanding and helped edit my papers for many classes. She was a great help!
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Yiming, International Student from China studying at UCLA
Being a student at International TEFL Academy, I've had the privilege of attending English classes led by Alexa Sisney. Her passion for teaching and profound knowledge of the English language have transformed every class into a truly enriching experience. What distinguishes Alexa is her remarkable ability to customize lessons based on the interests and passions of her students. This personalized approach ensures that each class is not only relevant but also exciting, keeping students motivated and actively engaged in their learning journey. Her exceptional pedagogical and didactic methods empower students to effectively enhance their language skills. Moreover, Alexa possesses an extraordinary skill set in the realms of phonetics, mouth anatomy, and pronunciation. Her in-depth expertise in these areas enables her to assist students in refining their English pronunciation and fluency. She can effortlessly communicate complex concepts with clarity and patience, making the learning process remarkably accessible. I am confident that Alexa Sisney would be an invaluable asset to any online teaching platform. Her student-centric approach, teaching prowess, and mastery of phonetics make her an outstanding candidate. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Alexa Sisney for any teaching opportunity that may come her way.
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Erika Ordosgoitti, School of the Art Institute of Chicago