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Plans and pricing

*Contact directly for booking (online/in-person meeting location)



Some key features
  • Homework assistance and/or exam prep/study guide creation and review

  • Essay drafting, writing, and editing assistance

  • ESL grammar and conversation development

  • Presentation/Public Speaking skill development

Package Deal

$600/15 hours

  • 15 hours of tutoring sessions

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Zoom availability

  • In-person scheduling availability for Santa Barbara/Goleta area

All personalized education plans include

  • 1-1 mentoring/guidance

    Students will receive personalized attention, advice, and encouragement to help the mentee grow, develop skills, and achieve their objectives.

  • Personalized Study Tools and Techniques

    Students will learn new personalized techniques to improve comprehension, retention, and recall of information. Different students may find different study tools and techniques more effective, so it's essential to experiment and discover what works best for you.


  • Development of Critical Thinking Skills 

    Students will be able to break down complex information or problems into smaller parts to understand their components and relationships to better assess the quality, relevance, and credibility of information, arguments, and sources.

Please refer to the contact page for booking information